Purple Edibox Decarboxylator and Infusion Kit

Easily Customize Your Own Cannabis Edibles with the Purple Edibox Decarboxylator and Infusion Kit

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The Purple Edibox Decarboxylator and Infusion Kit is a complete set of tools that allows cannabis enthusiasts to easily and efficiently decarboxylate and infuse their products in order to create edibles, tinctures, and more. This kit includes a high-quality decarboxylator, infusion filters, and a range of other essential tools and accessories for making top-quality cannabis-infused creations.

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Additional Product Details

  • Fully Activate – Get the full potential out of your herbs for all your favorite homemade recipes
  • Better Results – Precise temperatures ensure a stronger final product compared to using ovens
  • Decarboxylate & Bake – Cook up to 3 ounces in one go to save you time and effort
  • Control Odors & Easy to Clean – Sealed lid design keeps smells inside and non-stick silicon is dishwasher safe
  • Save Money – Avoid expensive decarbing machines with our affordable and dependable kit
  • Trusted by Enthusiasts – Our Detroit based team uses premium materials to bring the best out of your herbs

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