1/2 Baked Brownzzz Relaxation - 3 Pack

Indulge in Soothing Relaxation with 1/2 Baked Brownzzz - 3 Pack

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The 1/2 Baked Brownzzz Relaxation 3 Pack is the ultimate solution for those seeking a peaceful and relaxed mind free from all sorts of stresses. Made with natural, high-quality hemp-derived CBD, this product is designed to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

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Additional Product Details

  • Natural proprietary relaxation blend for tension relief
  • Chamomile, lavender, valerian root, rose hips, and more in each one
  • Spice up your relaxation routine with 1/2 Baked Brownzzz
  • Affordable and delicious alternative to traditional relaxation methods
  • Each Brownzzz is 4 ounces, bigger than a hockey puck!
  • Shipped discreetly and safely in a box with three individually wrapped Brownzzz

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